Patient Testimonials


"Dr. Kim does such serious work so lightly." TC

"When I see Dr. Kim I feel like I've been to a chiropractor, a shrink and church." FN

"Aloha Dr. Kim, When I found out that I passed my test, in my mind, you were the first person I contacted. Most importantly, I wholeheartedly believe this wouldn't have happened without your gifts of healing, prayer, love and support. It's hard to put into words how much I appreciate all that you do, but you have truly transformed my life to a point where I am now able to make thses positive strides, expand and grow. The outcome is a direct result of the Grace of God and your healing work and love. Thank you from the bottom and top of my heart for everything!! Much Love always." AS

"I love God and how everything works out! You have been on my mind and I wanted to say that I finally said "I LOVE ME" and I FINALLY got my chicken skin while saying it! Dr.Kim, thank you for your love and especially sharing your gift to the world. I am blessed to know you and call you my friend. I love you tons." MW

"Oh, my goodness, Dr. Kim, I just finished writing in my journal about YOU being an angel in my life, someone I knew loved me and always guided me on the best paths for me, considering the person I am as a whole...not just my physical problems...and I said to myself, I couldn't wait to see you this summer...and then when I finshed, I got up from the couch and came in to check my email and you had sent me this picture...I absolutely see the help me see the angels. Love you. " JS

"Gina, I am the one that brought my 19 year old daughter to the healing circle last Monday. Thank you so much! I feel that you made a difference with her and I feel like she is serious about wanting to get better now. I think you are amazing - thank you so much!" DG

"Aloha Gina. FYI. Well we finally found the core of the onion. Wow. It's all been unraveling since I saw you. Wow wee. Amazing. Everyting is so clear now. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you. Your freindship. And what you do. To find the core of it all. For a happy healthy life. I feel I've been given the "get our of jail card." Mahalo!"  BT

"The shifts I have had since my husband and I have started seeing you is pretty AMAZING!!"   KG

"The night of the healing circle, you came and worked with me on the causal plane! I woke up in the middle of the night with a start. You had just been there saying phrases and affirmations in my ear! Do you remember doing that? It was really cool. The next day I had a nice clearing and release. Thank you!" JK

"Aloha Dr. Gina! I wanted to thank you for all you've taught me the last year+. I seem to have integrated a lot of the healthy eating into my daily routine. The major things I've added back aren't too bad, and I'm eating very similar to the cleanse stuff. I've lost another five pounds since the last cleanse, for a total of 12. Even better, I had a physical and over the last year my bad cholesterol has really declined AND my good cholesterol has gone up. So my ratio has really gone down huge. So, MAHALO, I've learned 99% of what I know about eating healthy from you and our meetings." LF

"Aloha Dr. Kim. Mahalo nui loa for such a gracious gift of blessing our home. We mahalo ke Akua for providing so much for us and thank you Dr. for your love and support. We all slept really well last night. My home has a fresh feeling to it and we feel very comfortable. Our daughter was able to go downstairs by herself without fear. I feel like everything is alright and I mahalo you for helping me to feel this pearce in my heart and home. Aloha pumehana. "  KKS

"THANK YOU from the bottom my my heart for all that you do! I can't explain how or why I feel so much better, more cleansed, more vibrant and ALIVE!! You are truly an angel sent from the heavens to heal and bless life has improved significantly since being blessed with your presence...thank you many times to infinity for creating CR and sharing it with the world! I only hope that I am able to reap the rewards of your technology all the days of my life...may you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of YOUR LIFE!" AS

"Aloha Dr. Kim. I am always amazed how sweet and loving you are with me. Thank you. From our fiirst session, when you were able to reach deep inside my heart and start to heal me, I deemed you my closest friend (sorry you get no choice in the matter), and here we are more than a decade later and I still feel the same. As far as my GOD belief as of doubt in my mind I am a child of HE loved before I took my first earthly breath...somehow it makes it all tolearable. I now live every day with faith! What a life changer! Thank you for all the love and support." CC

"Wow! I think I will hire you to work full time for me!!!! I had the perfect day on Saturday! My energies were only positive and most of them were certainly coming from Maui. Thank you so much for your work. The few days that I spent with you helped me achieve a goal and experience what thought was impossible. I hope to see you again very soon." MA (professional triathlete after the Ironman, placed 6th/1st from his country)

"Thank you for checking on me. I feel soooo much better. now. I think the emotional release of my husband was very big. My neck is much better too, and I have more energy to work in the yard."  MN

"Dear Gina, Just to let you know that travelling back to Florida, 18 hours travel time, there was no water retention, swelling, toxic feeling etc. all of which had been characteristic of flying the past 2 years...yay! Thank  you so much for your precise, heartfelt presence and skill. I am maintaining really well and including mag foot soaks and Cellfood as part of daily life, feeling great. I wish your book to be able to reach many and provide regeneration for them."  SC

"Thank you so much for being such an inspirational and light-filled person in my life! Thank you for helping me to be more balanced and for teaching me Cellular Regeneration! Most of all - thank you for teaching me how to pray and keep my mind on God more of the time. I really believe that you have helped to deepen my relationship with God!!! I feel so blessed to know you and will be so happy to see you when I visit Maui!" AS

"Six years ago, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease "mixed connective tissue disease." I was 25 when I first started experiencing crippling pain. I am 30 yrs. old now and have been seeing Dr. Gina Kim for about a year and a half. She has completely changed my life.

At my lowest point having tried everything and being on so many medications that were not helping, I made my first appointment. My life has never been the same! I was able to get off all my medications and I haven't felt this good since being diagnosed 6 yrs. ago. My lab tests have consistently been negative since the second session with Dr. Kim.

She helped me physically and spiritually, she helped me out of a cycle of depression brought on by my disease and with a positive attitude, taught me how to heal and care for myself. Thank you Dr. Kim, no words can describe how much your presence in my life means to me. I will always be thankful for everything you have done for me!" JS

"Thank God for Dr. Kim.
She's a powerful light with soft, gentle grin…
With her words and her prayers,
She touches something deep within…

With muscle testing and her deep faith in God,
I'm gone from that place of feeling so odd…
I was out of my "self" and losing my will to survive,
And now I have weeks of joy and just happy to be alive!

Dr. Kim's presence in my life has renewed my faith in God. I strive for her grace and her power to embrace…
The light and the truth of our divine perfection,
I just thank God for Dr. Kim…
And that I remembered this in her reflection." SR

"Thank God for Dr. Kim! When I walked into Dr. Kim's office about 6 months ago, I was surrounded, almost hidden by a dark, unhappy, and just about hopeless cloud. The first couple of visits did not produce any distinctive results. (possibly because I was so down) I could feel that something was shifting but nothing to get excited about. (yet) Then about the 3rd or 4th visit I started to notice that the dark blanket was becoming lighter and lighter. I would leave the office feeling more whole and grounded. It was very apparent that the blanket did not have the weight or grip on me that it did before.

Dr. Kim is powerful. I have been praying for years but my prayers have never had such dramatic effects. Dr. Kim's Kinesiology and prayer work are a beautiful combination that have created incredible results for me. Her name is well known on Maui so I know I'm not the only one who has benefited form her strong, caring intentions.

I am a different person today than I was 6 months ago. Maybe I should say that I am my "self" again. Yesterday, I was singing and dancing for no apparent reason. I thought, "I have not felt this happy in 7 years! Thank God for Dr. Kim…" JR

"I thank God every time I eat fruit! I was allergic to all fruits, then, Dr. Kim figured it out. Now I can eat any fruit and I'm fine!" RB 


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