Student Testimonials


"I thought I knew a good number of muscle testing techniques and would appreciate a refresher, but this went way beyond my expectations to cover many additional layers and aspects of healing in a way that was fluid, do-able and easy for me to incorporate into the work I and doing now. This is an invaluable evolution to my practice. Mahalo, Dr. Kim!" CL

"Science merges with the spiritual like it has in no other way. In this class, we have been given the tools, power and authority to heal and regenerate ourselves - body, soul and spirit and beyond through CRT. Be completely healed and restored, one layer at a time. CRT is inner healing on steroids! Heal and be healed." DC

"CRT has saved my life. Without it, I thingk I'd have gone crazy cuz of my sensitivities. Great spiritual tool for continuous healing." BS

"This work will change my life and lead me into my future." AF

"There is more healing wisdom in this material than any other training I've encountered. This is spritual warrior training that is also applicable for healing on the physical and mental levels as well." NB

"Since working with Dr. Kim I am more grounded, centered, present and have chosen to take better care of myself, mind-body-spirit. And now having taken the CRT class, I have another tool to support me on my journey. Thank you Dr. Kim for ALL your Love and Light." SC

"Thank you so very much for taking the time to come and share your being and knowledge with us. It was such a gift to have you in this part of the globe at this point in time. It felt very powerful to set a stronger intention on this side of the ocean for clearing the history and creating the opening for greatness. Have been working with the info and really enjoying the ability to get deeper into my own "stuff". Thank you so very much for being awake and for taking the time to put your knowledge on paper to share with me. I am very grateful." KH - Vancover, Canada

"I have experienced an extreme number of sessions with Dr. Kim, seeing as I am lucky enough to be of kin. Having the work done on you a million times pales in comparison to taking the class even just once. She is a outstanding healer and an even better Mom," RW

"Dr. Kim is uplifting and positive and non-judgemental in a way that facilitates healing in a sweet and comfortable way - no drama - only love." SC

"Great class. Felt very comfortable to be myself. Felt re-occurring pain in shoulder and neck disappear. Learned about my family and past life issues causing my shoulder and neck. Awesome class." JA

"Gina Kim is authentic, fun, quick-witted, and extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of healing modalities and her CRT experience is incredible." KIP 

"CRT has given me a better understanding of how to understand what is going on in the body on many levels and how to deal with issues that come. The tapping and flapping and letting it go! Great!!!" SM

"An amazing experience! I will try very hard to come again and again." VF

"This is such a great technique to get realigned with my inner state of balance. I use it almost every day on myself and am able to get out any emotional issues very quickly to great wellbeing. I'm so grateful for you and your work!" LS

"This was the best class ever. The information in the workbook is concise and organized. The group was very interested and asked great questions. I have been working with Dr. Kim for many years. I had a tumultuous chidlhood and my mom died when I was 12. I have tried many different modalities of therapy and Dr. Kim has helped me the most! She is now my marriage counselor." JMR

"Learning more about CRT is amazing. It's improved and enriched my quality of life and the people I work with professionally. The best class ever." SD

"Amazing how you can find stuff out that is not spoken, then release it all without drama and trauma." KR

"Thank for allowing me to 'play' with you discovering my hidden issues and allowing me to see where my blocks are and how to rid them with ease." KU

"CRT has been a life saver for me, and it allows me to keep balance in all areas of my life." DF

"I feel this class is valuable for anyone who would like an exceptional tool for self or assisting others with clarity into their being." JC

"Thank you for helping me to achieve one of my fondest derams of being a healer!" SM

"The atmosphere was conducive to learning in a unintimidating way. My eyes are opened dramatically. I became aware of the "why's" in major parts of my life. It has lightened me quite a lot. Although I know it, I am a work in progress. I am so hopeful for the present and the future where I'd been losing hope." SA

"The importance of adding the spiritual component to the muscle testing brings integrity and fullness to the process. Dr. Kim is an excellent instructor, who presents information and process in a manner that can be understood at many levels. The experiential portion of the training "brings home" the technique and theory. She is a professional who presents without ego." JE

"The class gave me the confidence to believe that I can effectively muscle test. I am learning to feel more and turn into my body and intuition by receiving the work. Dr. Kim is very inspiring to my growth and relationship with God and Spirit - thank you! AS

"Dr. Kim was able to give me useful tools to balance physical, mental, spiritual energies that I know will benefit the people I work with. A gentle yet effective way to correct energy imbalance." ME

"I was exposed to the muscle testing before and very interested in it - but more stuff came out which was known and unknown. It was very fascinating! I thank you and God so much for leading me to this way." KK

"The ability to see that the body has its own intelligence and can speak to me so accurately is tremendously healing! I have developed a profound trust in listening to my body/mind/spirit. Also, the class reinforced how powerful prayer can be in my life!!" LM

"Thank you so much for everything! The sessions, the CRT weekend and for just being you and so willing to share what you know and have experienced. It is so rare and special to have available someone who not only has been given gifts, but who is a Spirit-filled Christian. Wow!" SA

"You have helped me and my awesome kids so much. Words can't express…" MR

"I enjoyed taking the class again as I always have so many questions. Thank you and God that the more I take it, the more confidence I gain. The most important one time session was with Sweetie, my dog, who kept jumping and hurting himself. He still jumps, but does not hurt himself any more." JM

"The class was full of good healing information and hands-on techniques which I will be able to use to help myself and others that I care about." SS

"I appreciate your clarity and teaching ability and the wealth of information in the Cellular Regeneration class." AK

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